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ehPortal  bridges the lack of interoperability amongst healthcare IT systems, even the multiple ones deployed in a single institution,  brigades toward engaging patients in their own care.  More-informed patients and

providers hence overcomes the technological isolationof medical records.  

ehPortal  addresses the industry-wide struggle to achieve interoperability. 

“The question that came up for us is how can we bring together paper-based records and branded EHR/EMR records? …How can we make the systems talk to each other?”

ehPortal unify patient records with the patients by delivering an open-source portal through which patients could access all of their health records at the same time, irrespective of the provider, or record system, from which they originate.

For every patient, the portal generates a Unique Patient Identifier, or UPI.  Patients can provide to providers their ehPortal UPI (QR Code)  to tag records from their healthcare encounters. The service transfers tagged records to a secure cloud-space that patients can access at any time, along with anyone else, for example, a physician, they grant permission to do so.  

The patient becomes the intermediary that  carries all the information with them as they go from one site to another bridging solution, not an EHR solution.  Looking at it this way, the providers are free to choose whichever EMR/EHR vendor they choose…they can choose to stay on paper if they wish to.  

To overcome the issue posed by paper records a fax-to-cloud functionality has be implemented to attached unstructured to structured data. Patients will be able to fax any paper records, then tag the file to send it to their unified record. This functionality will also allow patients to circumvent non-participating record systems, too, as the patient could request a printed version of their record, and then follow the aforementioned procedure.