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  eConsults & eVisits:  Is a real-time end-to-end collaborative instant messaging exchange for Extensible Markup Language (XML) architecture that allows information encoded in Health Level 7 (HL7) Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) documents stored in the same format, exchanged utilizing Web services, and visualized via a client device/PC.  What is delivered is an environment that physician providers can consult with other physicians and/or other providers on the care of patients. Additionally, healthcare provider can do eVisits with patients with live access to all stored clinical documentation - irrespective of its location.  


With more resources to treat illnesses, increasing costs of medication, and medical specialists spread around the globe are all reasons for demanding fast, reliable, and convenient information exchange to support collaboration in the healthcare environment.  Increasingly, patient information will be represented, stored, and exchanged electronically utilizing healthcare formats.  Having patient information available electronically allows the use of modern and well-established technologies such as instant messaging. Instant messaging is already present in the healthcare environment.  

The access HIPPA compliant information is triggered by the particular text that is typed into an instant messaging exchange between two or more parties. With the documented consent of the patient, the treating practitioner, or both - all parties in the instant messaging session can see the displayed patient data.          

The Clinical Documentation of care at the point-of-care (SPOCS) is driven by a single desktop of information from all systems including the dispirit legacy systems – allows your organization to continue to extract value from installed applications – via the smart phone or slate tablet devices.  These can easily fit into the cargo pocket of scrubs on the market; could allow for hands free documentation; can attach seamlessly to monitoring devices via Bluetooth; can be used as a nurse-call device; and can be used by physician providers at any place at any time.

All data is presented (similar to FaceBook in date sequenced order) and captured via digital eForms with the ability to capture the eSignature attached to documentation for authentication of all information.

  With the Order Entry & Results Reporting modules, care providers can search for and access patient results records and clinical data in chronological order or by categories. This data - like all other from our solution/service is accessible to clinicians at a glance, via any device, from any location both internal & external of the medical treatment facility. Less time is needed for order entry or waiting and searching for results and devotes more time to medical and healthcare activities.

The solution helps: Complete requisitions electronically and delegates the coordination of various orders to a computerized assistant Process urgent orders, ad hoc same-day orders, pre-admission orders, repetitive orders and more;  Automatically check for duplicate orders to laboratories and diagnostic imaging;  Support orders to all sectors and disciplines (except for drug prescriptions);  Follow up on the status of orders (sent, received, completed, etc.);  Receive the appointment when the order is sent to medical imaging;  Allow label printing to be triggered when the order is sent to the laboratory;  Enable each test, exam and consultation requested to be captured with mandatory and optional predefined information (clinical information, mode of transportation, reasons);  Ensure orders for consultations automatically generate a work list for the consultant and  Support an unlimited number of medical protocols (standard combinations of orders) personalized specifically to the user.

Healthcare providers can also link patient preparation activities to orders placed by clinicians, including patients’ own preparation activities. The system helps send the orders to the right ancillary systems or care providers at the appropriate time and automatically groups multiple tests and exams from a same order according to predefined rules and criteria.


2D/3D Visualization of Medical Imagery - This visualization application allows users to obtain qualitative 2D/3D relational information from medical data, and provides numerical measurements of distance, volume, area, etc.; for diagnosis and subsequent treatment planning. The user can image 3D data sets using opaque or transparent visualization of three-dimensional regions. With interactive rotate, zoom, and pan functions, key structures are easily studied. The module directly handles large 3D arrays, time series of 3D arrays, and irregular image spacing like that frequently used in CT patient scans. The visualization goal is to fully utilize results of costly scans and to minimize the time required to obtain relevant clinical information. This visualization module addresses several basic tasks: registration, measurement, save/retrieve, and response time.  

iEveryplace Connect is a module that combines into one neatly integrated, performance-tuned package that securely connects a broad range of wireless and mobile devices – including Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) phones and wirelessly connected PCs, Netbooks, Laptops, Slate Tablets and Mobile Internet Devices. The connectivity begins with a piece of client software that loads onto the device that allows for a HIPPA & HITECH compliant VPN connect to the solution/service.

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