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"Remote Patient Monitoring - The global healthcare system has become overburdened by the surge in chronic disease - conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure and diabetes. People with at least one of these conditions are two to four times more likely to fall into an extremely high-cost population of patients: the 5% of the population representing nearly 50% of all healthcare spend in the country. Healthcare providers are beginning to recognize the importance of ongoing care management and remote monitoring for this population of patients to more effectively manage costs while facilitating improved outcomes. However, integrating these programs efficiently can be a challenge for already overworked teams of providers and nurses, and may even drive up labor costs if the programs require too much manual work. Our Remote Patient Monitoring platform helps healthcare providers and payers better allocate resources to those patients who truly need it. The RPM Solution connects at-risk patients to their caregivers virtually seamlessly and enables caregivers to prioritize critical interactions to proactively address risk factors and avoid acute health problems.

Provisioned from the 'Cloud' via the Ascend Mate connected scales, meters, monitors or other peripheral medical devices collect biometric data in near real time from at-risk patients in their homes and transmit the data to create/update the 'daily log". Analytics is run against this data peered with the patient's EHR and Evidenced-Based Medicine silos  - triages alerts triggered by the in-home monitoring devices, based on each patient's individualized care plan. Healthcare providers can communicate with patients (and/or family members) as needed to identify and verify false positive alerts, thereby freeing up caregivers and clinicians from having to follow up unnecessarily. Clinicians and caregivers can also access an easy-to-use online portal to monitor their patients' status. There can be on-going communications/collaborations with caregivers and clinicians as appropriate to alert them to situations that require their intervention. By implementing an easy-to-use, turnkey remote patient monitoring program for highest-risk patients, family members, payers and providers can benefit from a reduction in hospital readmissions and hospital inpatient days. The program is designed to help nurses, physicians and other caregivers' timely respond when interventions are critical to preventing an escalation that could end in a visit to the ER - while freeing them from the many hours of following up to false positive alerts.  

"The Patient Empowerment System - goes beyond simply allowing patients to schedule appointments online or access a personal health record. The portal is based on new technology developed in collaboration with physicians and administrators.  The next evolution of the patient portal that significantly expands the types of information, alerts, recommendations and interactive coaching healthcare providers can offer to their patients online. The patient portal is a standards-based platform, enabling patients to integrate and manage their healthcare data for all medical needs, receive personalized recommendations or alerts for safer medical treatment, and immediately access data from a vast range of sources including: third-party health portals, hospital electronic medical record systems, sensors, home devices for monitoring health conditions, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alerts, medical sites like PubMed, and more.  

"Cloud-Enabled Wellness Platform - Through a platform that integrates with mobile apps, users can engage in, track, and improve health and wellness behavior across multiple apps.  Each user has a unique mobile wellness experience that is customized based on the user's health and wellness needs and behaviors. The platform offers personalized services through dynamically formed ecosystems essential to personal wellness management. The platform presents the design of a cloud-enabled platform to facilitate the collection and delivery of evidence for personalization in a multi-provider ecosystem environment.  Additionally, the platform also provides essential building blocks of personalization services thereby determining smarter analytics for active personalization and dynamic optimal platform pricing and resource allocation given the constraint of acceptable quality of service. The use of your technology to deploy wellness programs is key to reaching highly distributed, mobile and increasingly dispersed populations.  Healthcare providers and patients can have on-demand access to health risk assessment tools and professional guidance-all offered in collaboration with the highest quality suppliers in the healthcare industry - to assist them in developing personal health improvement plans. Strategic use of this technology and creative approaches to program delivery and communications allows for maximum reach.  Through the use of your technology, our platform can offer a comprehensive portfolio of health promotion and wellness programs customized to address the diverse cultures and local needs of populations worldwide.

"Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) - will add additional data to the data stores to support the reliability of the Diagnostic Decision Support Tools and supply much needed feedback for Pay for Performance programs initiated to date or will be initiated.  This documentation to the front-end encounter and all follow-up clinical documentation of care.

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